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Lower-Cost project for ABA Machine by using 50%~70% CaCo³


About five years ago, we met a plastic shopping bag supplier with a 90% market share in West Africa at a plastic trade show. At that time, they had been using 100 small blown film machines made in India for production, with a monthly production capacity of 1,000 tons. They came to us to find solutions for cost reduction.


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YE I's proposal and final feedback from the customer

After preliminary discussions, the customer mentioned that they hope to achieve cost reductions by reducing power consumption and labor costs. Therefore, YE I proposed the automatic type ABA extrusion line. In terms of increasing production capacity, our recommendation is to use a upgraded non-stop screen changer for matching.

Five years later, the best feedback we have received was that the customer purchased several ABA multilayer blown film extruders to replace the old single-layer extruders. For this reason, their overall monthly production capacity was successfully increased to 2,000 tons.

50% - 70% Calcium Carbonate Added For Cost Reduction - Great Savings In Material Costs

When the compounded material, such as CaCo³ (calcium carbonate) is more than 20%, the quality of the plastic film may become unstable. However, YE I's plastic bag blown film equipment allows you to add up to 50% - 70% of CaCo³ and the film remains clear, strong and smooth. It's YE I's extrusion technology, equipped with two extruders and ABA die-heads.

- One smaller extruder for both A-layers, using 20%-30% new plastic resins
- The other extruder for middle layer, which runs with recycled plastic resin and CaCo³

ABA Blown film_875x940

"We save money by purchasing a cost-effective blown film extruder from YE I which is a win-win solution." said the manager of the plastic bag company.

The customer purchased a total of 27 machines, 4 plastic waste recycling machines and 23 blown film lines, and ordered them regularly every year.

High quality makes your products more competitive

The ABA layer blown film line significantly reduces the cost of raw materials while maintaining the quality of plastic films at a high level. From single-layer to five-layer, YE I provides competitive blown film systems to help our customers stay ahead of the market.


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