Embossed film making solutions - Medical protective clothing


Customized adjustments for embossed film making line (case of Japan)

We have just completed the operation test (running test) of a CPE series machine that will be exported to Japan. The customer's final product is disposable protective clothing for medical use. The thickness of the finished product after embossing should be at 0.12mm and the output must reach 120-150 kg/hr according to the customer's request. The additional requirement is that they need to recycle trimming material, so we has also set up an edge trimming (waste) recycling system for them. Its function is to roll in and crush the trimmed material, and send it back to the hopper above the extruder through a blower, without any waste. The formation of this kind of embossed film originally required the mixing of new materials and recycled materials, with trimming system, it forms a win-win cycle.

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